Menu Plan Monday


In our home, hubby does all the laundry, I do all the meals. Great deal, right?  Actually it’s not really a deal, we just naturally complement each other well that way.  (And thank goodness because I really dislike doing laundry!)

For the meal planning, I find keeping it simple works for us since I don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to food prep.  Does anyone with little kids in the house ever have proper time to food prep?  All that said, I do enjoy being in the kitchen and the challenge of creating allergen-free vegetarian meals.

I’m happy to be joining Menu Plan Monday for the very first time! All my meals are vegetarian and free of my son’s allergens: no peanuts, no nuts, no chickpeas, no lentils, no green peas, no nectarines.


Monday: Buddha bowls (These are actually easy to prepare and kid-friendly because of the “separate” foods!  Kids can pick and choose what they want from the bowl.)

Tuesday: Creamy pasta and cut veggies (I love my creamy pasta!)

Wednesday: Beancakes with side of orange wedges (We’re still trying out the beans with our 3-year-old.  Since he’s allergic to some legumes, we need to be careful whenever he tries a new legume.)

Thursday: Southwest tofu scramble

Friday: Personal-sized pizzas

Weekend: Freestylin’ with leftovers and going out Saturday night for hubby’s birthday!



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