My 40 before 40 challenge

A lot of people feel weird about reaching 30.  It’s understandable. I mean, for some reaching 30 is kind of that next step, when you *really* become an adult. If you don’t feel ready, it can definitely feel weird and scary. My 30s were actually pretty awesome.  Sean and I met (at work) when I was 31.  We moved in together when I was 32. We went on the most amazing trip to Sandals, Negril, for our engagement-moon when I was 33.  Then, we had the wedding of our dreams when I was 34.  We found out we were expecting a baby and gave birth to a beautiful little boy when I was 36.  I think we can say it was the best years of my life!

That’s why it feels a bit scary to get into my 40s. Not to sound cliché, but life DOES go by fast!  It feels like all those amazing years are over. I’m getting older, more tired.  Sean and I have gone on maybe 5-6 dates since the baby was born (he’s now 3 years old).  And to be honest, my husband and I can both say that this year was one of the hardest (in our lifetime) so far.  My 18-year-old son moved out on December 26th (not on good terms) and a lot of hearts were broken that day.  I never imagined in a thousand years that my life would take that turn. We also lost a person that was very dear to our hearts, he was like a father figure to my husband. He passed away unexpectedly and we all feel he was taken from us way too soon.  There’s a bunch of other stuff that makes 2017 pretty shitty so far, but I’ll spare you the details. It’s just been hard.  Some years are happy, some are not. It’s something I’m learning as I become more “mature”. No but really, not being sarcastic, life is made up of numerous moments and events and seasons.  I have a lot to be grateful for. All in all, I’m very lucky and have had a great life. It’s been a hard year but I’m ready for some new adventures!

I’m turning 40 in 3 months and to make the summer more exciting, I’ve decided to challenge myself with a 40 before 40.  This will be super fun and I’m going to update here on my blog about my progress.  Have you ever done anything like this?  I’d love to hear how it went 🙂

1. 40-day plank challenge: 40-second plank for 40 days (doesn’t need to be consecutive days but needs to be 40 consecutive seconds!)
2. 5K run at the 8th Annual Redemption Run for Harvest House (fyi – I’ve never done a run in my life)
3. Attend a festival
4. Attend an event I would never ever normally attend
5. Bake a pie
6. Bike along the Rideau canal
7. Bring 18-year-old son for a drive and show him (in order) all the places where we lived when I was a single parent
8. Bring 3-year-old son swimming in the Ottawa River
9. Capital Pop-Up Cinema night
10. Bus tour of my city (Ottawa)
11. Create a dish
12. Drive-in movie in Port Elmsley
13. Finish writing my e-book
14. Gatineau Park hike
15. Get someone to help me find new makeup colours, buy new makeup
16. Getaway weekend with husband
17. Have a professional portrait taken (if I have my new-to-me camera by then, I can attempt this myself) or yoga or boudoir photo shoot
18. Join provincial professional association ATIO (translation)
19. Late night (dark) walk or run
20. Laughter yoga
21. Launch new business/translation website
22. Learn how to use Pinterest for my blog
23. Light up a “lampion” (spiritual candle?) and say a prayer for someone I don’t like
24. Make a vision board
25. Movie night ALONE
26. Paint on canvas
27. Parliament Hill yoga
28. Pay it forward gesture
29. Plant flowers
30. Poutine at Pong’s Poutine in Carp
31. Pray the rosary or do a novena
32. Read a money-related book
33. Register for, or complete, provincial translation certification exam
34. Research cameras, buy myself a camera, create an album of meaningful photos
35. Take a course on blogging
36. Take an online painting or mixed media class
37. Upcycle something
38. Watch Sex and the City season 1-6 (again)
39. Write an article about something; try to get it published (on a blog, website, etc)
40. Write down 40 things I’m grateful for

2011 in Jamaica – Makes me realize I’m ready for some new adventures!397609_10151067247475265_1459905525_n

Ps – I found a super cute and inspiring blog Adventures of Mel: make everyday an adventure.  And since I want to make new blogger friends, and my post today is about adventure, I’m linking up on her linky party Inspire Me Wednesday!



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