Testing pitted fruit for allergies

Since my preschooler had an anaphylactic reaction to a nectarine and tested positive for allergy a few weeks ago, we’ve been weary of other pitted fruit.

So far we’ve tried cherries, pears and mangoes and he’s had no reaction.  Great news. At some point, we’ll need to try avocados.  I remember him getting a few hives when he was a baby and we were trying out his first foods. We didn’t know at the time that he had allergies so we didn’t think much of it.  He’s not interested in avocados at this point so I can’t confirm whether or not he’s allergic.  His allergist said that not only could he be allergic to any of the pitted fruit, but he could be fine one time and eat the same fruit at a later time and be allergic.  This is part of OAS (Oral Allergy Syndrome).  This condition is not typically anaphylactic, except for a very small percentage of people, like my son who  had a full anaphalatic reaction with a nectarine last fall.

One fruit at a time. Same with legumes.  He’s allergic to lentils, chickpeas and green peas, but so far is ok with beans.

This is my 3-year-old son Kaid enjoying a peanut/nut free chocolate bar last week when Grand-maman was visiting!

Kaid May 2017